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About me .... Jessica Williams

I have recently graduated from my 3-year Degree and Diploma at Norland (a world famous childcare institution), and am now a fully qualified Level 6 practitioner, and a Newly Qualified Nanny (NQN).

I consider myself to be a kind, trustworthy and reliable individual. I have gained plenty of experience over the 9 years I’ve worked in childcare, from working in a maternity ward, at nurseries, preschools, schools, and within many family homes with lots of children of different age groups.

Before studying at Norland, I completed a 2-year Level 3 in Children’s Play, Learning and Development at Henley College. Prior to this, I began my childcare journey working at a Crechè in Marlow for a year.   

I have my own car, along with my own business insurance which covers me to drive your children should this be required. My rate covers my travel expenses as well as the holistic care I provide for your children. 

My Education

 My Education

2009 – 2014: The Beaconsfield School GCSEs (9 A*- C)
2014 – 2015: The Amersham College VTCT Diploma
2015 – 2016: The Marlow Club Crechè Practitioner
2016 – 2017: The Henley College Level 2 Childcare Practitioner
2017 – 2018: The Henley College Level 3 Childcare Practitioner
2018 – 2019: Norland Level 4 Childcare Practitioner
2019 – 2020: Norland Level 5 Childcare Practitioner
2020 – 2021: Norland Level 6 Childcare Practitioner
2021 – 2022: Commenced Norland Newly Qualified Nanny (NQN)
2023 – 2024: Working full time for a family in London
2024 – Looking for my next role as a fully qualified Norland Nanny



Whilst Jessica worked with us she cared for both our boys, aged 7 and 9 at the time after school. This was sometimes working alone, with myself or with another nanny. Our 9 year old son has ASD and is non verbal, thus requiring a great deal of training both prior to and ongoing during the period Jessica was with us. Jessica undertook this with good attention and diligence. Our 7 year old thoroughly enjoyed being with Jessica and they got on very well together.
Jessica displayed good ability to  follow the sometimes complex behavioural requirements needed  to deal with our 9 year old. Both children had specific dietary requirements and Jess was very diligent that these were followed.

Some of the duties carried out were, taking the children out into the community, dressing and bathing / mealtimes / general play. Jessica displayed good reliability and time keeping throughout.

We have a large and very busy household and Jess was liked by all the ancillary staff as well.
We wish Jessica well for her future nannying experiences.

Lady H.

I have used Ms Williams on several occasions to babysit my 5 year old son and 2.5 year old daughter over the past year.

Her duties included helping with the evening routine and putting the children to bed as well as helping to get my daughter back to sleep in the event of waking up from a nightmare etc. Ms Williams has an excellent rapport with my children and I have never had any difficulties while she was looking after them.

She is enthusiastic, friendly and is able to engage with children on their level, at the same time keeping to clear boundaries so that they feel safe and secure. She is flexible, can take initiative and was able to quickly understand and respond to the specific needs/routines of our family.

She is well organised and has always been on time. I think that she will be an excellent nanny and I know that she is very enthusiastic and motivated to do further training and make this her career.

Dr Anneke Ms MBChB, MMedPsych  

Jessica has babysat for my children on a regular basis over the summer holidays.

She was recommended as having excellent childcare skills by another parent. Although young she has proved herself to be very mature, organised and capable.She has a warm personality that children feel secure with. She has looked after my lively 3 year old girl and 8 year old boy with mild Aspergers simultaneously, keeping both happy and entertained.

Jessica is able to take advice about dealing with his special needs and cope admirably. Her duties whilst with us have included evening and day time babysitting, occasionally driving both children to the park and library, cooking an evening meal to exact specifications, (my son has specific food requirements) and general playing and entertainment.

She particularly impressed us on her first evening babysitting for us. Our daughter was unexpectedly sick whilst we were out. Jessica calmly calmed our daughter even though she had not met her before, cleared the mess and called us to inform us. I can thoroughly recommend her for the course and am sure she will make a strong career In childcare.

Emma A .

I have known Jessica for over year now. Our main contact with Jessica has been as a carer at The Marlow Club crèche where she has looked after my two and a half year old daughter.At the club Jessica has contact with a range of children under the age of 5.

Jessica has always had an extremely good manner with the children. Her sense of fun and enthusiasm engages the child and helps put them at ease particularly when separated from their parent.

My daughter loves playing with Jessica who engages her in a variety of activities. More recently Jessica has babysat for my three children who range in age from 2.5-8.They love it when Jessica sits as she is always good fun. Jessica always arrives punctually and I feel totally happy leaving them in her care.
Jessica is passionate about her future career in child care and I wish her every success. 

Lucy F  

Jess has been babysitting for my children for over 12 months and I can't recommend her highly enough!

I have 3 children, 2 daughters aged 7 and 10, and 1 son aged 12. My children really love Jess and are excited when they know she is babysitting.

Jess is always punctual and arrives on time. She also tries to always be available when asked, even at very short notice, and has changed her social plans in order to help me out with babysitting. My children love Jess, especially my daughters.

They find her very friendly and approachable and lots of fun. She is also a good disciplinarian and ensures that the children get to bed on time and lets me know if they have been naughty. I think very highly of Jess and think she will make a very good nanny and has a successful career ahead of her.

Samantha W

To whom it may concern. I have known Jessica Williams all her life. he has been well brought up, with attentive parental care, which means that she has strong family values. She is well spoken and polite and knows how to behave in a wide variety of social circumstances. She is just as comfortable having an in depth debate with adults as she is engaging in polite conversation when she first meets strangers. Jessica is a generous and gentle fun loving young woman who is lucky enough to have found her passions and drivers in life.

She is determined to reach her goal now that she has a clear career path, which she sees far more as a vehicle to a successful fulfilling life than a mere job. With this clarity and attitude I feel sure that Jessica will succeed once she has received the skills and knowledge, which she is currently seeking to obtain from only the best training. This again I see as a measure of Jessica's drive for quality and excellence in her chosen career.

Carole B


My daughter met Jessica at the Marlow Club - and began asking if Jessica could look after her in our home.

As a result I have also engaged Jessica’s nannying services outside of her employment at The Marlow Club. I have an older daughter, now aged 8 who was a little apprehensive about meeting Jessica for the first time but Jessica immediately put her at ease and engaged with her on her own level.

Jessica is kind, considerate, patient, caring and fun. It is very evident from our experience of her as a family, that she has a genuine affinity with children and is capable of caring for children of a wide variety of ages. Jessica is always consistent and full of positive energy. Children seem to flock to Jessica because of her happy and positive attitude and unique ability to interact with them on their level. Whenever Jessica looks after my children she always manages to strike a healthy balance of energetic, outdoor activities and indoor games with quiet time for reading and craft making to suit the mood of my daughters.

Both of my daughters enjoy an extremely positive relationship with Jessica and they have a very special bond with her. Jessica is a delight to have in our home and my husband and I trust her implicitly with looking after our precious children. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jessica and know she has a successful career in childcare ahead of her.  

Emma D

We first came to know Jessica in early 2015 from her time at The Marlow Club.

Jessica is extremely genuine, consciencious, caring and reliable and we make use of her whenever we can and whenever she is available. Our children Jacob (aged 4) and Molly (aged 3) formed a close bond with Jessica on day one and that special bond remains to this day.

Jessica is incredibly interactive with the children ; roleplaying, Lego, arts & crafts, soft play, reading, wordplay and taking them to the park. Jessica has an abundance of energy and boundless enthusiasm, and nothing is ever any trouble . Our son has speech issues and can get stressed or emotional at times. Jessica manages these outbursts, retrieving the situation in a calm and composed manner. It is very refreshing to come home to a tidy house, children fed, bathed and calm!

We have found this to be exceedingly rare among childcare professionals based on our own experiences and speaking with friends. We would highly recommend Jessica - she was born to look after children. Her love of children is infectious. Jessica is a rare breed of individual who is very clearly a dedicated and compassionate soul determined to follow her dreams. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any further assistance.

Victoria L and Ross W  

I have great pleasure in writing a letter of recommendation for Jessica Williams.

Jessica started working for us on October 13th 2015 until present and is employed as a part time Crèche Assistant. Jessica works as part of a departmental team of 5 employees and is collectively responsible for the care of children from 8 weeks to 5 years old which operates on a key workers system.

Jessica shows natural ability and a genuine passion for learning in this field. She is enthused by the delivery of excellent child welfare and promotion of child development. She builds good relationships with children and adapts well to their stage of development. She is also able to instil confidence in those club members who entrust their children to her care and is highly regarded by her peers and departmental managers.

Jessica has a consistently positive manner and is keen to build on her experience through formal learning and develop a career in childcare. Jessica’s DBS checks were last completed in March 2016. I have no hesitation in recommending Jessica for this course and would be happy to discuss this further should you have any questions that I have not covered.

Susie L

Jess worked for us between August 2016 and July 2017, during which time she looked after my two boys who were 10 and 8.

Her duties involved collecting the boys after school, supervising their homework, preparing dinner and generally looking after them until I came home from work. Throughout her time with us Jess showed herself to be consistent, reliable and trustworthy. She is a hard worker and demonstrated a high degree of commitment to her studies and to achieving her goal to become a qualified nanny.

The boys enjoyed their time with Jess, they valued her kind and relaxed approach and her ability to relate to them and their interests. I firmly believe that Jess will make an excellent nanny and I wish her every success in the future..

Laura M

I do very much believe that Jessica has both the experience and personality to very much succeed as a Norland Nanny.

As such she will be a credit to your organisation and your reputation. Jessica looked after my children over a number of years when I lived in Farnham Common in Buckinghamshire. I have 3 boys, who are now 13, 8 and 3 years old. Typically as a mother you have a number of ‘names’ to call upon when you need help with the children. When I asked my children ‘who’ they wanted me to ask. ‘Jess’ would always be the first name that came up.

Jess would engage with them on their individual levels and understand the needs of each of them. Children say what they think. It was Jess they wanted to come and be with them - which I very much believe speaks volumes in itself.

Jo R

From my placement Family in Bristol - October 2020 looking after 2 Babies and one 4 year old child

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